Performance opportunities for the Visual Ensemble

Mason Entertainment Group continually accepts applications for all positions.

Current Openings:

  • there are openings in Blast! for all Visual Ensemble positions: Flag, Sabre, Rifle, and Baton (Baton specialists must also show aptitude for Flag, Sabre, and Rifle).


Audition Requirements

All applicants must upload an audition video to our website or send a DVD and materials to the address at the bottom of this page. Editing of the audition presentation is acceptable (text, scene changes, etc.), however ANY edits to actual audition materials will result in immediate rejection of the entire audition.

Please carefully review the requirements below. In addition to demonstrating an ability to perform / entertain, be sure to include in your audition materials the specific requirements outlined below that apply to your area of interest. Applicants demonstrating multiple skills will be given special consideration.


Acting Overview:
All applicants must possess or have potential to quickly develop strong acting skills. Mason Entertainment Group looks for exceptional performers who possess an engaging and outgoing personality, a strong sense of humor, & an exuberant sense of play within dramatic situations. A performer needs to be a disciplined and enthusiastic team player who works well within a large ensemble, willing to selflessly give and take to better the project. Our shows rarely use the spoken word thus the body becomes the expressive tool to present circumstances and dramatic action. A performer needs to display athletic agility, strong kinesthetic awareness, and a freedom to express emotion through gesture. Developed abilities in the areas of gymnastics, mime, stage combat, clowning, juggling, or other movement oriented skills will enhance one's castability. Above all, a performer with Mason Entertainment Group needs a passionate spirit and the stamina to go the extra mile.

Acting Requirements ( for all applicants ):
Please include in your audition video your ability to act and role play by acting out any two of the following scenarios (each scene should be brief: 30 to 60 seconds in length):

  • Walking in a rain storm with blasting winds.
  • Try to get an imagined crying 6 year old to laugh.
  • Swimming in shark infested waters.
  • Boxing match with an opponent who is heavier and more skilled.
  • Become a cat who is threatened by a dog or a dog who is threatened by a cat.

Vocal Requirements ( for all applicants ):
All prospective cast performers for Mason Entertainment Group shows need to have strong vocal skills. Please perform 8 to 16 measures demonstrating your best vocal ability. You may sing a cappella, but give a starting and ending pitch from an instrument. Material may be as simple as "Happy Birthday." We are looking for standard, legitimate vocal production. If you wish to include rock, pop or R & B styles in you audition, please put it after the required material. Please indicate your vocal range as being either soprano, alto, tenor, or bass.


Visual Ensemble Requirements ( for visual ensemble performers ):
A visual ensemble performer manipulates a variety of known and invented objects with a high level of execution and expression. Every performer must be in great physical shape and maintain this throughout their employment. Performers must have a strong dance background and posses the highest of skills in either the color guard or baton idiom. Performers must also have a wonderful stage presence (star qualities) and demonstrate an advanced ability to blend the skills of equipment manipulation and dance. Visual ensemble applicants must wear form fitting dancewear in their audition video.

Please include the following in your video audition:

color guard specialist

  • General sabre and rifle technique, including quads, fives, and sixes and higher. Include double time on rifle and blade tosses on sabre.
  • General baton technique.
  • A flag combination.
  • Short routine/solo, 1-2 minutes in length, for each piece of equipment (rifle and sabre) highlighting your strengths as a performer.
  • A plie exercise as well as a ballet/modern dance technique routine.
  • Any "tricks" you posses on these pieces of equipment.
  • Any other special skills you wish to demonstrate (baton, gymnastics, etc.).

baton specialist

  • General baton technique for one, two and three batons.
  • A Lyrical solo for one baton ( 2 minutes in length ).
  • A short routine utilizing one, two and three batons.
  • A plie exercise as well as a ballet/modern dance technique routine.
  • Any "unique" skills you posses with the baton.
  • Any other special skills you wish to demonstrate (color guard, gymnastics, etc.).


Fitness & Health Practices ( for all cast members ):
Good exercise habits are beneficial to cast performers for reasons of injury prevention and health maintenance. Please include on your video a general description of your current exercise program(s).

Audition Requirements Checklist ( for all applicants ):
In addition to the specific requirements outlined above, please be certain the following is included when you submit your audition materials. ALL materials will be submitted to our secure upload site - link is below.

  • A one - two page resume or summary of your musical, theatrical, dance, and/or color guard experience. This needs ot be submitted in either PDF or Microsoft Word format (.pdf or .doc or docx). Please make sure the following information is listed at the TOP of your resume:
    1. Full Name
    2. Current Age
    3. Current Mailing Address (including country and postal code/zip)
    4. Phone
    5. Primary Instrument or Skill and years of Study
    6. Other Instrument(s) or Skill(s) and years of Study
    7. Other Unique or Extraordinary Skills
    8. School and/or Ensemble Affiliations

  • A 5 x 7 color photograph submitted in .jpg .jpeg .tif or .tiff format.

  • A letter of recommendation from your current ensemble director, instrumental teacher, or ensemble administrator confirming your performance qualifications. This recommendation should include the director's/ teacher's/ administrator's address, telephone number, and signature. This needs ot be submitted in either PDF or Microsoft Word format (.pdf or .doc or docx).

  • An audition video as outlined above. The contents of the video should be in the following order:
    1. Acting Requirements
    2. Vocal Requirements
    3. Form/Movement Requirements
    4. Music or Visual Ensemble Requirements
    5. Fitness and Health Practices
    6. A short statement (on video) as to why you want to be a part of a MEG project

  • All visual audition materials should be uploaded to the following link:

    Or contact:
    Mason Entertainment Group
    212 868 5668
    Attention: Visual Ensemble